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Booking your MUA and Hair Stylist

A big question that Brides ask themselves when thinking to book an MUA or Hair Stylist is who/how many to book. Do you go for a HMUA - A Hair and Make Up Artist, one person that can do both for you? Do you go for one MUA and one Hair Stylist? Do you get multiple of each (usually for larger bridal parties)? So, the main things to consider when looking for people to book would be:

🌟 TIMINGS: How many people would you need hair and makeup for on the morning?

I would work out an average of 1 hour per person for hair and 1 hour per person for makeup. (It can be much quicker dependant on artist timescales, but this allows for any delays - and makes it easier to work out too haha)

Then I'd take an hour from your ceremony time (to allow you to get into your dress/photos etc) and work back from that.. that will give you the start time for beautifying.. and this can be the crucial decision maker over having one person doing everything, or multiple people, as with one person your start time can be considerably earlier!

(For example: ceremony is at 12pm, you'll need to be beautified by 11am, you have 3 people to get ready so your start time would be 5am with one person doing everything or 8am with separate MUA and Hair Stylist).


Do you absolutely loveeeee their work for both hair and makeup? Or do you prefer one over the other?

This is your wedding day, and chances are that you're going to be paying more for a wedding service.. so you want to feel that for your day too!

If you don't absolutely love both services that one person can offer, book them separately!!


Try it out! This can get pricey if you have various trials.. but I would 1000% recommend having a trial with whoever you look to book!

You may see a whole feed of "perfect" looks, but on so many occasions feed photos have been edited. Get a feel for it in person and make certain that you're happy with the quality of work for your special day! (Also you can tie in your trial with another special event - such as getting your makeup done for your hen party!)

This is also a good way to see how you get on with the person getting you ready - a major oversight brides tend to make is booking someone they don't genuinely like being in the company of! Your wedding morning is going to be full of emotions, so you want someone you feel comfortable to be around on that morning! You will get a good feel for personality during your trial too.


The closest hair/makeup artist may be more convenient for your day, but shopping outside of your location could give you the perfect artist! And most artist/stylists are happy to travel to you on your special day (usually travel costs are required but are minimal). I hope this helps you to make your choices. Katy - Looks on Lock x


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