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3 Things Brides forget to plan for their morning prep

1️⃣ Someone to get them into their dress - they want all of their bridesmaids to be a part of their "big reveal", but someone needs to be on hand to do up those fiddly buttons on the back of the dress!

2️⃣ Leaving enough time for photos - if you're wanting photos of your Bridal tribe once you're all ready, or even photos of you all before in your dressing gowns, plan in time for it! Also pass this on to your suppliers (makeup, hair, photographer) so that they can schedule it too!

3️⃣ Final touches are hard to do once everyone is dressed - things such as putting on and doing up your shoes become difficult once all of your tribe are fully dressed! You don't want your bridesmaid on her knees doing up your buckles, and meaning that her dress is then creased for the rest of the day!

All of these things can be prevented with prior planning... Or they can be ASSISTED, by me, over at @thebrideassist 💕 (New business plug, sorry!)

Allow me to get on my hands and knees and buckle your shoes, do up your dress, gather everyone for photos!

With me on hand, you don't need to stress about the small things 👰🏻‍


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