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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist: 5 Essential Factors to Consider


1️⃣ Experience: Look for a makeup artist with a proven experience of working on Weddings - this way they will know how the morning should run and keep everything running to time!

2️⃣ Portfolio: Review their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your preferences and the look you want to achieve.

I know that a lot of people book MUAs based on their price point, which is understandable! But even when doing this, look for their style alongside their pricing.. if you’re a full glam gal, don’t go for someone that only posts “barely-there” makeup looks. You’re probably going to be disappointed.

3️⃣ Professionalism: Consider their professionalism, including how they communicate, handle stress, and manage time constraints on the day of the event.

We’re all busy during peak season, but you shouldn’t be having to chase your MUA for responses for more than 72 hours! If they can’t communicate effectively before the big day, how will they work with you well on the day!

4️⃣ Hygiene Practices: This is a big one, and one that is severely overlooked!!

Ensure the makeup artist follows strict hygiene practices, including sanitizing tools and maintaining a clean workspace. No one wants to contract a skin disease post makeup application! (Think pink eye, or cold sores for starters 🫣)

5️⃣ Reviews and Recommendations: Seek out reviews and recommendations from past clients to gauge their satisfaction and overall experience with the makeup artist.

So this one is a catch-22 point! Whilst some amazing artists may not have many reviews, it doesn’t mean their work isn’t great , it just means their follow up after their previous work has slacked and their clients haven’t left a review. But if someone has 0 reviews, that’s never great!


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